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Name/nickname: Emily/Em.
Age: 18.
Sex (if it applies): Chick & yes. ;D
Religion: None.
Sexuality: Bisexual, and no i'm not just saying it because people think it's trendy.
Clothes: I shop at a number of places. My style consists of baggy pants that fit at the hip, a tight T-shirt, and some kandie. Juggalette/raver style.
Top 10 fav bands: Jack Off Jill, My Ruin, Otep, Marilyn Manson, Twiztid, SOAD, Taproot, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Collective Soul.
Fav show: Reno 911!
Fav saying/motto: "You fuck." "Everything happens for a reason."
Fav toy: You.
Most embarrassing moment: I had gotten my period in.. 6th grade? Anyway, I didn't realize I had gotten it that day at school so I was walking around with a huge blood stain on the back of my white sweatshirt all day. I didn't find out until my mom told me when she picked me up. =| heh, sounds like something out of YM.
Fetish: Biting. Scratching. Pain.
Do you think you're so good or no good? I'm right smack in the middle.

You're thoughts on -

Drugs: They're fine. Just know your shit before taking anything and know what you're doing.

Sex: Your business, not mine. Once again, know what you're doing. Wear a condom. Get tested, all that fun stuff.

Alcohol: I hate emotional drunks. If you know you're hostile or emotional when you drink, maybe you should quit. Otherwise it's fine if it's a social thing and you know your limit.

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we must run away and be bisexual togeffer :D

<3333 you know i vote yes
:: molests. :: :D
I like that you mentioned that your not bi because of the trendy crap and that it's just you. I mean, MAN! I hate it when ppl are all like,"Yea, I'm bi."Just so they can be part of----heh. Sorry. I'll stop.
But keep in mind...the biting fetish is mine ..or soon to be. :P J/k
Lol. I want spanking. ;x

yeah. i came out about liking girls recently, because i was too nervous to ever say anything before, so i've been accused for trying to fit in to the trend which is crap.

haha, i never thought of being bi as being a "trend" hahahaha, wow. youd have to be really desperate to fit in if you were doing it on a trend.

but hey, i make out with girls for my own pleasure :D
omg nia, you know this hot girl?? introduce!!!! oh- and YES
lol, spank you. :d
hahah, by a very very large margin (fiz forgot to post her vote, but she told me yes) shelly, you are in

welcome my darlin!

now go and make 4 claims (plus claim an lj-er) <3333333