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Let's see if I'll be accepted here as well...
Found this community through star_revolution.


Name/nickname: Erin. You may also call me Rin or Erinu or...something of that sort...just...don't call me Ern, PLEASE.
Age: 15 ½.
Sex (if it applies): Female.
Religion: Agnostic...
Sexuality: I'm straight...Kinda unsure about being bisexual, but I don't believe so since I don't get the same turn-on from girls as in guys...and yeah.
Clothes: Hmmm...I'm a little of everything. I try not to be so trendy, or wear any brand names on the front of my t-shirts (such as Old Navy or Aereopostale) because I feel like I'm propaganda. I like wearing baggy clothes some of the time, then maybe flares and clingy I said, I'm kind of a mix. Usually wear tennis shoes though--that's what's the most comfortable for me.
Top 10 fav bands: Incubus, The Calling, Guns and Roses, Metallica, Coldplay, 3 Doors Down, Bon Jovi, Lifehouse, Pete Yorn (okay this isn't a band, but...), and Jimmy Eat World.
Fav show: I like Tom & Jerry...Looney Tunes stuff...then maybe a little Third Planet From The Sun...and lots and lots of anime...
Fav saying/motto: "At least I'm not the only one..." (Don't ask...well, nevermind, I'll tell you anyway. I like the fact that people can relate to me sometimes...and...this quote sorta fits me for that reason.)
Fav toy: Hmmm...I'd have to say my Kuroneko plushie...
Most embarressing moment: ...Now let me tell ya, I've been humiliated so much it's not even funny. But I'll go with the one dealing with "that time of the month." Like...sickdreams (I think...?) I was seen with blood-covered jean shorts...
Fetish: I like mustaches...Not those curly ones, but the natural ones. I could also go for the peach fuzz...
Do you think you're so good or no good?: I'm pretty much in the middle, methinks...

You're thoughts on -

Drugs: I don't like them 'cuz they are not the best thing to get hooked on, but hey, if you're addicted and there's just no way you can get off of it, that's okay. I doesn't make a person any different (except maybe their breath or smell, no offense) if they're smoking or not. Plus, I mean, it's their choice. If they wanna go 'head and do it, then go ahead and do it.

Sex: ...Some of the stuff I put above does apply to this, but not all of it. good. I mean, it's a way of making love, and there's no wrong in that. But make sure to use condoms...or else you might unexpectedly get a baby to take care of when you're around my age. When you're 18 or older it's different...but careful about what choices you make.

Alcohol: Christ, uh...I'm neutral on this as well...I don't drink though. I mean, I just think it's up to you. If you're doing it for reasons other than: being cool or fitting in the crowd, then okay. When you're at a party or celebrating holiday or somethin''s okay to drink. Uhhh...just don't get drunk so often, 'specially when you're young, because it has a larger effect on young adults than on...let's say our parents...but yeah...just be careful about that too.

Limit of 3 pictures.
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